The Turn Key Package

At Intergolf we offer clients a unique service in the golf industry, a service that combines our Golf  design, construction and grow-in processes into one stress-free way of taking a golf course from the initial planning stages right through to that all-important opening ceremony.

Efficiency, speed and the elimination of competing interests are just some of the advantages our ‘turn-key’ offering brings. By working together as a tightly knit team we can go from concept to completion in a smooth, orderly and focused way, adhering with ease to budgets and schedules.

The reasons are simple. Issues that may arise during the construction process can be highlighted at the design stage. Materials that are known to have long lead times can be ordered well in advance. Similarly, modifications can be made to the original design when physically shaping the course - without having to consult  outside Golf designers and architects who may have long since moved on to a different project.

One company, one team, one direction and one outstanding result one price. That’s the service you get when you ask the team at Intergolf to run your entire project. At all times we will take total responsibility for all aspects of design, build, budgeting, scheduling and quality – so if there is anything you as a client need to enquire about, you’ll know exactly who to ask.

Whether you would like us to develop a design in-house or furnish you with the extra benefits a Signature Course Design might bring, our turn-key approach can be applied either way. You can even combine it with our Golf Club Management service and let us take care of absolutely everything for you...

...which means you can focus on the rest of the development or sit back, relax and, who knows, perhaps even play the odd round of golf!

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