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Our  Golf design services can be broken into the following key areas: Feasability Study,Site Investigation, Route Planning, Construction Drawings and Field Supervision.

 Feasability Study &Site Investigation

Only by visiting a new site can we achieve a real understanding of the landscape’s natural assets – and determine how best to use these assets in the finished course design. While this may be possible in one visit, more often we will make a number of visits to a site before drawing up a design.

Route Plan

Once our site investigations are complete the task of drawing up a route plan begins. Normally we provide at least three route options – and sometimes many more. All proposed route plans are presented and their merits discussed until either a particular plan is chosen or a hybrid of the various options is agreed upon. The plan is then refined to meet all objectives and local planning regulations.

Construction Drawings
At INTERGOLF we pride ourselves on the comprehensive nature of our construction drawings. We know that the more detail we incorporate at this stage the more accurate the estimate of construction costs becomes. Our drawings consist of:

  • Contour Plan   This shows all existing and proposed contours.
  • Earthworks Plan   This color-coded drawing clearly indicates the locations of all cuts and fills.
  • Greens & Features Plan   This comprises detailed layouts of greens and other features specific to the new course.
  • Drainage Plan   This plan shows the positions and types of drainage systems to be used, as well as indicating all pipe sizes.
  • Irrigation Plan   The exact locations of pipes, valves and sprinklers are provided on this plan.
  • Grassing Plan   This plan provides information on the various grasses to planted and their locations on course.
  • Cart Path Plan   The locations and dimensions of paving and curbing elements are shown in this plan.
  • Site Specifications     This book provides for quality control and clarification of the details.

Field Supervision

Of course, regardless of the level of detail contained within any drawing, nothing can bring a course to life in the way that expert field supervision can. It's for this reason that we believe design and construction are intricately linked; and that the world's best golf courses are invariably those where the two disciplines have been allowed a generous overlap.

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