Our Design Philosohpy

Absolute Attention to Every Detail...

If we were asked for one word that defines our entire philosophy, the word would be ‘detail’.

We believe that the difference between a good golf course design and a great one is all in the detail – detail that is created by nature as well as detail that is created by the golf course designer. It is the detail that you can't see in the photographs but you can when you're on the course, it is the detail that occurs naturally in the great courses like St Andrews, Ballybunion, Augusta National, Royal County Down, it is the detail that gets eliminated in the pursuit of the easily mowed and perfectly smooth, it is the detail that can only be achieved when the golf course designer spends a significant amount of time on site.

Every golfer knows that the tiniest detail can determine whether a ball bounceTC 17  18 SEPT 09fs left or right, whether it ends up on the fairway or in a bunker, whether it drops in the hole or drifts to one side. And every golfer knows it’s those same details that are the hallmark of the world’s greatest courses.

At INTERGOLF we design and build our courses with a level of attention to detail unsurpassed by anyone. What’s more we acknowledge the fact that nature itself is the greatest provider of random detail and we work with nature to ensure that the natural assets of the existing landscape are not only retained but are further enhanced  to bring something specific and unique to the game of golf when played in any particular location.

Only by spending a great deal of time on site – both when plans are being drawn up and during the construction process – can we fully ensure the preservation of those all-important natural details. And this is exactly why our design philosophy extends well beyond paper and out onto the course itself.

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