Our Construction Process

What we do and how we do it...

Site Clearance and Earthworks
With the protection of the natural environment of paramount importance to us, we always ensure that when clearing a site, moving earth or removing rocks, we retain those features of the existing landscape that we know will add something special to the golfing experience at a later date.

Top Soil Management
We appreciate more than most the delicate nature of this valuable resource and we take absolute care when blending topsoil with sands or other materials, ensuring that the proper methods and materials are always used.


Our expert shapers can transform their surroundings into some of the most creative and aesthetically invigorating golf holes in the world. Their interpretation of the course plan plays a huge part in its ultimate success as a sporting arena – as does their ability to work in all types of terrain from sand to wet soil, from rock to peat bog.

Just as important as how the course looks from above is how it works from below. Our drainage teams are the best in the business, invariably bringing innovative ideas to the table not only to solve problems but also to ensure a final playing surface that’s second to none.

Green, Tee and Bunker Construction
As they are of central importance to the golf course and to the game of golf itself, the successful construction of these key features requires experience, knowledge and creativity – all of which we bring in abundance.

Having worked on the installation of numerous irrigation systems from leading suppliers such as Toro, Rainbird and Hunter our experience in this field is unparalleled. We are also fully versed in satellite systems, decoder systems, pvc pipe, hdpe pipe and much more.

Planting and Grow in
Using our recognised expertise in this area we can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. With the help of state-of-the-art seeding methods we can seed features on golf courses that others would simply deem impossible.

Cart Path Construction.
From concrete to asphalt, cobblestone to gravel, stone dust to astroturf, no matter what your preference is, you can rest assured that at Intergolf we’ve seen them all and we’ve built them all.
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