Vancie Penev, Irrigation

Venci headshotVancie joined Intergolf in 2007 having initially come to the attention of the company when he worked as a liaison officer overseeing the installation of a Toro irrigation system at the Thracian Cliffs Golf Club in Bulgaria. It quickly became apparent during this project that Vanci was immensely experienced in the fields of wiring and piping, the precise skills required for Golf course irrigation installation.

His experience had been garnered over a long and illustrious career. Having qualified initially with a Degree in Mechanical Engineering and Auto Transport from the University of Sofia in 1983, Vanci spent the next two decades working with Telecomplect Ltd. He gradually made his way up to the level of Technical Director, a position in which he managed the installation of fibre optic cable and other telephone infrastructure projects in locations as far afield as Bulgaria and Botswana.

In 2002 Vancie switched the focus of his career from telephones to water and gas, taking on a new Technical Director role that saw him oversee the installation of water and gas lines throughout Bulgaria. His responsibilities included communicating with local authorities, ensuring quality control and keeping all projects on schedule and within budget.

Since 2007 Vancie’s invaluable knowledge and experience has proven a huge asset to Intergolf and he now manages all aspects of irrigation installation, reporting to John O’Dowd on site. Vanci speaks Bulgarian, English and Russian.

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