The Intergolf Profile

A Legacy of Professionalism...

For over two decades INTERGOLF has brought unrivalled levels of innovation and creativity to golf course design and golf course construction projects worldwide. From USA to Asia,  Europe to the Middle East our courses now stand as our legacy, a legacy built on artistry, technical ability and professionalism.

Using our experience and creative design skills, we deliver golf courses of the highest quality time and time again, regardless of the terrain or the soil-type. In fact our golf course designers, shapers, construction personnel and greenkeepers all have the experience and the enthusiasm to turn even the most demanding sites into a memorable - and undoubtedly profitable - masterpiece.

The Intergolf Promise

The Means to Deliver...

We believe golf course design and golf course construction is an art form, one that demands the perfect mix of vision, technical skill and environmental awareness. Our goal is to create  golf courses that constantly challenge the most adept players, courses that keep golfing enthusiasts of all levels enthralled for years and, most importantly, courses that prove their worth to you, the owner, by genuinely standing the test of time through quality design and construction

Here’s our promise in brief. You show us your property and we will bring our 150 combined years of experience designing, building, and maintaining golf courses to your site and build you a golf course to rank amongst the best in the world. We have only one team and one way of working, we come to your site and stay until your project finished - no matter where in the world or how long it takes. This is our Promise!

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